THE 609
Class is cancelled this evening
No Class Tonight Monday Feb. 10th

Class is cancelled tonight due to weather.  Many of you turned in storyboards and I approved all of them to move into production phase.  With the weather not cooperating I will give one more week for you to shoot video based on your storyboards.  You can begin editing at anytime or next Monday if you need my assistance.  I will give plenty of class time to work on projects.  If you feel like your done with project 1 then make sure it’s posted to your blog and ready to hand in and begin preparing for the second project.

Spring 2014 Syllabus


COMMUNICATIONS 609 Interactive Media Production Monday 5:35pm – 8:30pm

Instructor:  Rik Dubiel

Office Hours:  after class or by appt.





MTIV Process, Inspiration and Practice for the New Media Designer by Hillman Curtis, 2002, New Riders Publishing

Creating Short Films for the Web by Hillman Curtis, 2006, New Riders Publishing

Some ebooks I will share throughout semester.


Software Adobe CS6 (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)

Hardware:  minimum 250gb hard drive


Class Blog:


Class Video Site:

ATTENDANCE AND PARTICIPATION/PREPAREDNESS: Attendance is required at all class sessions. In this class, it is especially important to attend and to keep up because we will be working on major projects during class time. If you cannot attend for some important reason, please contact me explaining your absence and your plan for getting caught up. You will be expected to take responsibility for what you missed. If you have more than one unexcused absence, your grade will drop one letter grade for each class you miss. Yes, it’s that important that you make it to class.

Attendance and Participation is expected at every class session. We will be using Twitter, your blogs, and email to make sure that everyone can stay connected throughout the semester. Every week you will be expected to either post one article, one web link or one software tip to your blog and Twitter. You will have time during class to work on projects. You are expected to use that time wisely! There will be surprise projects that will be due in class as well.

Attendance and participation can be the deciding factor in your final grade.


You are strongly encouraged to help your colleagues out during the semester, but please turn in your own work. Use other people’s work for inspiration, but do not turn it in as your own. If in doubt, ASK! Produce original work for this class, not recycled work from another class. The exception is that you may include previous work on your final web portfolio after you have completed the projects for this class

Students who are caught cheating will be reported to the Elliott School and appropriate ACTION WILL BE TAKEN…NO EXCEPTIONS!


I expect you to work during class lab time. Bring all materials needed to work on projects to class with you. I hope that you will have ample time to work on and complete your projects during work time in class. However, if assignments or projects cannot be completed during work time in class, then you will be expected to complete them on your own, either on your home computer or during open lab times.  Ablah library now has the Adobe suite installed on Mac computers and has longer hours.


Late work is dropped one full letter grade for each day the assignment is late. If you are ill or if you must miss class, it is still your responsibility to email me BEFORE class begins and arrange to drop off your assignment in order to avoid a late penalty.


This course is designed to help students achieve these outcomes:

The ability to identify and evaluate interactive media products and software. The ability to learn interactive design software and technology. The ability to design interactive products from start to finish The ability to utilize process when designing all media products.

The ability to communicate with clients and prospective employers. The ability to work in a team environment.

You will learn how to produce, record video, edit video, compress video for web and present it online.


Project #1 Silent video project /Music Video 100 pts.

Show me a process, show me the street you live on, show me the coffee shop you frequent. Tell a story to music.  Storyboard is half of grade.

Project #2 Video Portrait. 100pts.

Find someone to feature (Mom, neighbor, Co-Worker, Owner of a business, whomever).  Find something interesting about them and talk to them. (Hobby, where they work etc.) I don’t want their life story.  Show them in their environment of their hobby or something that makes sense.

storyboard is half of grade.

Project #3 Video Portrait. 150pts

Cover an event.  Talk to some folks there about the event.  Who? What? Where? Why?  Can be a family gathering but you should challenge yourself to do something that is not close to home.  Is there a local movie night?  Are the people in the community doing something unique?  Tell me a story about the event don’t cover it like a new story.  I want to feel as if I was there.  The more you challenge yourself on this one the more I am going to like it.  Story board is half of grade.

Project #4 Event Poster or Animation. 100pts

Design a poster/animation for an upcoming event. Who? What? Where? When? I want to have a good idea of what kind of event this will be. Sell me. Maybe we can send it to them.

Project #5 Brand Spot. 100pts

A 30 second spot selling a product, business, or public service announcement. This can be a group project.  Storyboard is half of grade.

Attendance/Participation 150pts

Final Portfolio Presentation 300pts

Time to show me who you are through your blog. Extra work never hurt.

TOTAL GRADING SCALE: 900-1000 pts. = A; 800-890 pts. = B; 700-790 pts = C; 600-690 pts. = D

______/1000 = Your Earned GRADE


Reminds me of the Route It app.

For the final…

You don’t need to play entire videos but you can play excerpts as talking points or visuals for the presentation.

Don’t forget to attend class

I do take attendance.

Class is cancelled

I feel awful… check your email for information.  Thanks.

I’m a bit under the weather right now

I am not canceling yet but stay tuned I might.

A good question came up about exporting

out of after effects last night we will look at the various options as well as you projects next week.